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Heal trauma, explore personal growth and process end of life issues with earth medicine & experienced clinicians

Earth Medicine Retreat Programs

Program one is a ten-day program and program two and three are seven day programs.
Each of these are carefully crafted to provide professional guidance in a safe environment for those seeking to take psilocybin plant medicine as an enhanced part of the trauma healing,  personal growth work or end of life issues. Psilocybin is used as a catalyst to augment this growth and healing work as it shows promising potential to ease anxiety and have a positive effect on brain function and mood.



Lodging and all meals or food to make meals are included

vegetarian meal

Retreat Program One: Coming Back to Life
Psilocybin Enhanced Trauma Healing

Whether mental, physical or emotional, trauma affects our lives in profound ways. This ten-day psilocybin enhanced healing program focuses on deep transitional work including acute, complex or chronic trauma and PTSD.

Retreat Program Two: Becoming Extraordinary
Psilocybin Enhanced Personal Growth with Journeys

A seven day psilocybin enhanced program to dive deeply into yourself. Clear blocks, find inspiration and enliven your health and well-being.

Retreat Program 3: End of Life Resolution Program
A Personal or Group Psilocybin Enhanced Life Resolution Program

About Us - A Therapy, Growth & Learning Center

Since 2010 our therapeutic retreat center, Gateways to Transformation, has helped people navigate toward health and well being with in-depth residential therapy, intensive outpatient, farm therapy programs as well as growth and learning events and workshops.

In 2022 with the Natural Medicine Health Act, Colorado became one of the first states to legalize the supervised use of psychedelic plant medicines. After this ground-breaking new legislation, Firebird Earth Medicine was created as a separate set of programs at Gateways to Transformation and we are excited to offer support services to those engaged in personal use of these natural medicines while in our programs.

As a long standing therapy and growth retreat center we have extensive experience in renegotiating trauma, anxiety, stress and other mental and emotional health issues as well as co occurring disorders. All of our programs integrate our love of horses in the form of equine learning and growth sessions. We value and share the naturally therapeutic life on our retreat center. We are inspired by permaculture design and include ecotherapy, gardening, expressive arts, movement and enjoying the outdoors in all seasons.


Psilocybin In Colorado Under Proposition 122

With the passing of Proposition 122 in 2022 in Colorado, psilocybin-assisted therapeutic services will be legally available in Colorado near the end of 2024 after the State has finalized the rules and regulations for licensed healing centers and licensed facilitators.

Proposition 122 also decriminalizes what is called "personal use" of psilocybin mushrooms. This means that it is no longer a criminal offense under State law to obtain, possess, or ingest psilocybin, effective immediately. Persons may also share or give away psilocybin mushrooms without remuneration (i.e., without payment) to persons who are at least twenty-one years of age.

Under new State law passed by Colorado voters in Proposition 122, practitioners at Firebird Earth Medicine are unable to:

  • provide psilocybin-assisted therapy until the state of Colorado has finalized the licensing requirements for healing centers and facilitators, expected to be in late 2024.

  • sell psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

  • suggest or recommend that you use psilocybin mushrooms for therapy or any other purposes.

However under this new State law, we are able to:

  • offer counseling, spiritual guidance, and support services for your personal use of psilocybin.


Accommodations at our 40 acre Retreat Center

Sun graphic

Our permaculute retreat center is nestled at the foot of the West Elk Mountains, at 7200 ft. near Crawford, Colorado. We have luxuriouos accomodations and incredible views.  The national forest and many outdoor play opportunities are only minutes away.

Gateways to Transformation Farm and Retreat Center, Crawford, CO.

Supportive Housing

room with two single beds

Multiple living options are available from a fully private condo and apartment to private or semi private rooms in our comfortable and well-appointed houses.


A healthy meal

A chef is on staff and all meals are provided. We have several dining options including ayurvedic and vegetarian options and can accommodate most dietary needs and food sensitivities. A stocked kitchen is available for snacks and those who want to cook for themselves.


Stucco farm house with view of Needle Rock Colorado in the background.

Facilities and amenities available to guests include a morning bakery & café, stocked art studio, yoga & dance studio, work out room, washer & dryers each of the houses and room to wander and connect with farm animals, mini horses and across the fence from our herd of Arabian horses.

Farm & Gardens

Three farm therapy clients working in a vegetable garden.

Much of the land is in transition to an ecological permaculture design with orchards, gardens, and greenhouses. You will share the property with our therapy horses, farm animals and service animals.

Meet the Staff

Therapy staff are available throughout the program including our ayurvedic doctor, life-coaches, therapists, counselors and psychiatric nurse.

Alisha Adrian

Alisha Adrian - LPC, Life Coach & Executive Director

I am a transpersonal therapist, life coach, healer and artist. I have done extensive transpersonal (mind/body/spirit) work as well as trauma/PTSD work I have a masters in counseling psychology, a two year certification in transpersonal counseling, am licensed as an LPC in the state of Colorado, a certification in equine assisted learning and life coaching, and am a Masters level Reiki practitioner and certified in the healing modality Jin Shin TARA. I have spent many years working with shamanistic and energy healing modalities. I engage clients in all types of transpersonal work including art therapy, dream therapy, ceremony and self-growth.

Visit Alisha's website: Gateways to Transformation

Dr. Gwendolyn Diaz, AyD

Dr. Gwendolynn Diaz, AyD - Medicine Specialist

Dr. Gwendolynn Diaz has been practicing the Art of Health while she has been understanding the Science of Nature her whole life. Grounded in science from the College of Health and Human Science at Colorado State University, Dr. Diaz completed her clinical studies at The California College of Ayurveda where she obtained her title as Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine. She has widespread knowledge of Yogic philosophy and has an extensive background in natural medicine including nutrition, herbs, meditation practices and is a certified mental health integrative medicine provider (CMHIMP).

Dr Diaz takes knowledge from our ancient cultures and is applying ancient wisdom to our modern lives. She takes an individual approach to settle the body in a place of good health. With proper use of natural medicine, Dr Diaz will catalyze the healing potential in the body. As an integrative medicine provider, she works with all things plant medicine, diet, and lifestyle to develop a strong basis for a patient to be well, not just subdue the symptoms of a deeper imbalance.

Visit Gwendolynn's Website: Origins Health


Kim-Briarwood, MA

 Kim E. Briarwood, MA -

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Deborah Solomon  - Occupational, growth & learning therapist.

Aaron Jerad

Aaron Jerad - Permaculture teacher & project designer. Yoga & meditation teacher.

Therapy horses in sunset light

Therapy Horses - Our horses and farm animals welcome you.

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We take rolling enrollments year-round.

If you have questions or need more information
call Alisha at: (303) 859-7385

Or email:

To join, please download the PDF application form and mail, email or fax it it to us.

(970) 921-5420

Firebird Earth Medicine
4874 Gateway Road, Crawford, CO 81415


All programs are private pay - however does have mental health loans available if needed.